Flopicco Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio made of a diverse bunch of design nerds who love to craft clever brands for daring clients. Working at the intersection of design, strategy and creativity, we offer integral branding services for clients around the world, including brand identity, motion graphics, licensing and consumer products.

Founded by Florencia Picco in 2014, our mission is to make clever brands that are creative, eye-catching, well positioned and hard to forget, in an efficient way. We believe in combining the clarity of form and the precision of language to create products that are authentic expressions of the brand’s values and goals and that easily stand out in world of templates. 

We are heavily inspired by the entertainment world (TV, films, series) because that is where we come from, however our practice is culture-driven. We like to include in our process practices like anthropology, psychology and trend forecasting, as we are determined to generate intersectional messages that work globally and age well. 

The Flopicco team is a reflection of the multicultural and international identity of the studio. We are geeky, open-minded, passionate, attentive, curious and we are always looking for the kind of challenges that keep our brains fully awake and coming out with ideas in unusual places. Our experience and versatility is our key to best interpret our clients’ needs and demands, and our rigour make us always strive for perfection and be thoughtful with deadlines.

Our studio’s head is in Rome, our soul and childhood memories are in Buenos Aires, and we have an extended group of graphic designers, strategists, copywriters, animators, all around the world and we can customise our team in order to achieve your communicational goals for each project. 


Florencia Picco–Founder, CEO & Brand Strategist
Fernando Vallejos–Motion Director
Natalia Bellagio–Art Director
Ale Guatelli–Senior Designer
Pablo Camino–Motion Designer & Programmer
Martin Polech–Motion Designer
Emiliano Agnetti–Print Designer
Ana Laya–Comms & Project Manager

Some of our happy clients in these past years have been:

And some of the wonderful brands we've helped grow are:

Flopicco Studio
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